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Case studies: living with dysphagia

Below are some examples of real people, dealing and living with dysphagia.

Early dementia case study


Dave C lives at home and has been diagnosed with early dementia and other health issues which confine him to a wheel chair.

Cerebral palsy case study


Terry B lives in a care home. Terry was born with cerebral palsy which has affected all aspects of his physical development.

Transient ischaemic attacks case study


Lesley H suffered TIAs and multiple strokes. Lesley is mostly wheelchair bound and lives at home.

Stroke in mid 30s case study


Tanya H lives at home and suffered a stroke in her mid 30s.

Degenerative neuromuscular condition case study


Peter L suffers from a degenerative neuromuscular condition and lives in a nursing home.

Stroke survivor case study


David L is a stroke survivor with a learning disability. He lives in a care home and is wheelchair bound.