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Featuring helpful advice and accredited training to help you care for your patients with dysphagia and reduce the risks of aspiration and other dysphagia related issues.

We know what
you’re made of

We all know that water is essential for life.1 Unfortunately, not everyone finds it easy to drink enough to stay hydrated.

Dysphagia sufferers, estimated at 8% of the population2 often struggle to take in enough liquids, even developing a fear of swallowing.

It’s time to take hydration seriously

Staying hydrated with
Thick & Easy™ Clear

Thick & Easy Clear is a taste-neutral solution that can be used to modify the consistency of drinks, helping people with dysphagia swallow safely. Prescribed by Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) and Dietitians, Thick & Easy Clear is used in hospitals, care homes and in the home.

Watch our mixing guide to help you transition to the new IDDSI framework